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The Therapist

Kristi Sanders of Bodywize Therapeutic Massage is a certified Massage Therapist  (California certificate number: 46443 ) with over 1000 hours of massage therapy educational training and 15+ years of bodywork experience.

Sanders is trained in both Western and Eastern modalities of massage, including the following specialties; Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger-Point, Rolfing (structural integration), Shiatsu, Thai, CranioSacral and Reiki, Esalen, Shamanic Healing.  Every session is customized according to the clients' needs.


Intuitive, skilled touch is ideal for conditions that require a lighter technique such as Lymes disease, Fibromyalgia, CFS, Crohn's Disease, and Lupus, which cause generalized, chronic pain and aching.


Other times a deeper touch is necessary to relieve sore, contracted muscles often mistaken for arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome. In this case trigger point therapy and deep tissue techniques blended into a Swedish massage provides both relaxation and pain relief. 


For athletes recovering from overworked muscles,  or injuries  sports massage with structural integration (Rolfing) not only prevents further injury but also improves range of motion.





Our Philosophy

Every client has different needs. My goal is to create a customized  treatment plan for each individual to address the pain each client is experiencing and provide relief for the pain. Each client will experience a session that will be uniquely suited to their specific needs.

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